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Dore DuHaime

Dore DuHaime

Sydney's Announcement

Sydney crossing the finish line

When I first read about Girls on the Run in a magazine article 21 years ago, I was a new mother going through some major life transitions - a move, a divorce and a career change. The idea that an innovative running program could inspire young girls and elevate their confidence spoke to me for two reasons: 

  • It took me many years to realize the impact my own beliefs had on my confidence, and to understand that I truly owned the power to change my own mind and the world.
  • As a new mom to two amazing girls, I wanted them to learn that lesson much sooner than I did. I wanted to change the world to welcome their boldness and celebrate their power.

Girls on the Run has always inspired me and reminded me there is true power in our dreams, in our actions, and in creating new beginnings.  When I was learning how to start a non-profit and asking people to believe in this mission “to change the world one girl at a time,” I faced plenty of roadblocks and fear.  

But soon, an army of angels started showing up - YOU, our supporters, our cheerleaders, our volunteers - you ALL helped me through every stage of this journey.  Today, our GOTR army has grown and is filled with so many people who believe in our mission and want to make a difference in the lives of girls.

Just as my youngest daughter has recently reached adulthood, so too has our organization. Our council of Girls on the Run has achieved more in 21 years than I could have imagined. We have served tens of thousands of girls in New Jersey and our team has grown to support their needs. 

As I reflect on all that we have accomplished, take a deep BRTHR and muster my own STAR POWER inside, I recognize that 2022 is the time for new leadership. Over the years, I have led with passion, purpose and power, and aimed to use our core values as my guide. Now it is time to turn the page on the next chapter of Girls on the Run NJ East, and see what more is possible. I am excited about what the future holds for this amazing organization, as new dreams are realized. 

Soon, Girls on the Run will embark on a search for our next executive director, a passionate and caring leader who possesses the tools to carry our organization forward. Our talented staff is committed to our mission and will continue to deliver a high-quality program to girls. Our financial position is strong. Girls on the Run NJ East has a stellar reputation, and I will remain dedicated to our mission and provide my fullest support to our new leadership. 

Just as I launched our council 21 years ago to fill a need I felt was so critical for young girls, in recent years I have sensed a similar need among working women, and begun to offer my own portfolio of executive- and life coaching. It is with tremendous enthusiasm that I have now decided to turn my focused energy, time and attention into growing that endeavor. 

I am motivated to take a lot of what we do with young girls and create opportunities to empower adult women and work with powerful leaders who can bring more women into power.  I have been working with two amazing organizations that do so -  Chief and Women Unlimited -  and will also be offering retreats, virtual workshops/groups and coaching packages to continue this transformative work - just with an older audience. 

As we always say to the girls at every 5K, the finish line is just the beginning and it is with that hope for a bright future that I am crossing this particular finish line as ED to embark on a new beginning. I look forward to all we have to celebrate and I will be with you at any opportunity to give you a hug, high-five and bow of gratitude at many future moments of triumph we have ahead of us. 

We would not be here without you, our army of angels. Thank you, from my heart.



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